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Monday, 23. October 2017




VEDU24 is extremely suitable place to advertise your products and services because this environment is visited by transport companies, possible customers of transport companies and third persons which ones are getting information about VEDU24 from Delfi, Kuldne Börs, Äripäev or Õhtuleht where everywhere VEDU24 permanent link is created. Consequently – if you add to VEDU24 an advertisement of your product /services, visitors of the biggest Estonian internet environments will see your advertisement.

Essential moment is this - in VEDU24  you can choose yourself sizes an costs of your advertisement. And even more - the reward for advertising is calculated accordingly to this how often your advertisement is clicked. You must pay for it only if VEDU24 is really useful to you. The reward is counted only if potential client is clicking to you advertisement, simply showing the advertisement is free of charge.

To add your advertisement is very comfortable – you will choose a place and sizes of advertisement, the you will add your data, will pay symbolic launching payment and  your material is put up! After the end of period, you will receive an invoice with using statistics. Payment for advertisement could be done through Swedbank, SEB or Sampo internet banks.

Choose position for advertisiment:

1. Lehe päis. Bänneri mõõtmed: max 728x90 px

3. Paremal all. Bänneri mõõtmed: 158*158px

3. Paremal all. Bänneri mõõtmed: 158*158px

4. On the right text links

5. Transpordi firmade leht.Bänneri mõõtmed: 601*90px

Ammount of clicks:

Remission:0 EUR

Together: * + = EUR

 Together = Ammount of clicks * Price of click + Price of start

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