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Monday, 23. October 2017




1. Why we take small fee for sending an inquiry?  

Because Vedu24 is not a classical business project but more as a social solution to solve certain bottleneck. We have invested our money and time to achieve that sent inquiry will reach just such companies which are expecting this kind of inquiry. We hope that symbolic fee is keeping away sending of so called “joke inquiries”. At the same time the symbolic fee helps us to improve the quality of service environment.  

 2. Could I choose what kind of inquiries I will receive?  

The registered user can choose what kind of inquiries he will get. For example will inquiry be pointed to timber transport sector, tent transport, heavy transport or does it concern something else. Additionally one can choose would inquiry touch transport in Scandinavia, Western Europe, Africa, Oceania or somewhere else. To change these choices you have to log in into your user account.  

3. Could I stop receiving inquiries?  

You can stop receiving of price inquiries and later, if you wish, open it again. To change your choices, you have to log in into your user account.  

4. How long is valid a code for sending an inquiry?  

If you log in, the code is valid 30 minutes. If you have not logged in, the code doesn’t expire.  

5. If code is not working, what I should take into consideration?  

If you are entering a code, please be careful and do not leave empty space before and after code. Also follow should you use capital and small letter.

6. If you will not receive inquiries sent to you? 

You have to check your e-mail receiver safety settings or even internet connection provider’s safety settings to ensure that these settings allow receiving of messages from site VEDU24.

7. Could I check price inquiries sent to me without using e-mail?
Yes, you could do it. Last five inquiries you could see currently on the VEDU24 front page. Logging into your user account, you can see all inquiries sent during last month.

8. Do I could choose which transport companies will receive my inquiries?

Yes, if you are registered user and if you log in into using environment, you could mark which companies in VEDU24 database are not receiving price inquiries.

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