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Monday, 23. October 2017



What is Vedu24?

Sometimes your have to take your wardrobe to the countryside or bring some sacks of potatoes to town or – why not – to send some kilo ice-cream to your friend. There exists always a transport company who could do it but we simply do not know about it.     

Here you can find help to this trouble from the first, the main, the biggest and the prettiest :) Estonian transport companies database VEDU24, which is internet based remedy to get together two sides – one who needs a service and another who can offer this service.     

There is no need anymore to send tens of inquiries and wait and hope that someone, someday, from somewhere will response. Using VEDU24 internet environment it is possible to send inquiries simultaneously to hundreds of Estonian transport companies which are joined to VEDU24 database. This database is opened 24/7. At the moment we have in our database almost 1000 carriers but the amount of joined companies are increasing permanently. VEDU24 is always actively put forward, to ensure attention to every transport company, joined with VEDU24 database.    

To send an inquiry you don’t have to be registered, sending of inquiry is simple and comfortable. If you like to record for saving your inquiries to your account, you have a chance to register as a user of VEDU24.     

Hundreds of Estonian transport companies are not far from you than some seconds.  

Have a nice experience with VEDU24 !


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